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Best Tools and Apps for Small Businesses When Moving Locally

Relocating is a pain. Don’t let any mover tell you otherwise, although House Deal Movers does the heavy lifting for you. Moving is like decorating: the preparation counts most. We follow your instructions precisely. You just need to tell us where you want things to go, and have a plan ready when we arrive.

There is a great advantage to moving locally. You can visit the new premises several times, and decide how you are going to use the space to the best advantage. Nowadays you don’t need pen and paper, as there are great apps and tools for local businesses when moving. So, sit back and relax. Here are our four favorites to get you started.

Our 4 Favourite Apps and Tools for Businesses When Moving

  1. Moving Planner works on Androids although there is an iOS version elsewhere. Moving Planner backs up to the cloud and costs $0.99 when we looked. It provides a moving checklist you can populate and configure. The system targets homeowners but works fine for small businesses too.Moving Planner
  2. Moving Van lets you record what went in each box, and its precise new location where we put it down. It only works on iOS and you collect it from the Apple Store for $1.99. The information is not sharable between phones though. You need a dedicated coordinator that knows how to back up data.
  3. It’s back to Android for BuildApp Pro that costs a little more at $4.99. The onboard software produces a fairly powerful 3D design suite that lets you simulate your thinking visually to share plans. Again, it’s intended for house planning purposes. But it provides a cheap solution for small businesses too.BuildApp Pro
  4. Magic Plan for iPads and iPhones lets you follow a room with your camera. After you mark the corners, the software aggregates a floor plan. There’s a facility to calculate dimensions of windows and doors, and work out the costs of flooring and decorating. You can create three-dimensional views at the tap of a button. Magic Plan is free, but you pay $2.99 per map.  

Majic Plan


My $.02 Cents Worth: Two Questions Customers Most Frequently Ask

New customers often worry about things that cowboy movers get wrong. We employ our own people after we personally background check them and we have a supervisor present at all times. In the unlikely event of something going off the rails, we have more than adequate insurance cover that protects your interests. That’s why we are first for businesses when moving anywhere.

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