If you have landed a new career that requires relocation, cheers!

This is a thrilling time. You have so many new capabilities ahead of you. At the same time, the next few months will doubtless prove incredibly stressful. To make your relocation a success, make sure you have a solid game plan established ahead of time.

Four Steps to Make Your next local Minneapolis

Here are Four Steps to Make Your next local Minneapolis, St. Paul moving task a moving success. As a Minnesota local professional moving company, House deal movers Minneapolis movers, we understand that moves may never be stress-free, but to lower the chances of being caught off guard, take these four steps.

Step one

First step Ask about relocation assistance. One survey of people who recently relocated for their jobs found that many employers offered help with moving expenses. While some companies offer this upfront, others may need a bit of prodding. Either way, be sure to contact the appropriate department in your new company and ask about relocation assistance.

Step two

Step two, research your new hometown. Before you even start looking at houses, take time to acquaint yourself with your new city. What are the different neighborhoods like? Which school districts do you find appealing? As you study your new city, try to plan an in-person visit. Drive the streets, see the sights, walk the sidewalks, and get to know some people. See where you feel most at home. If it is not possible to plan an in-person visit in advance of your move, you can still learn quite a lot through the internet. Chart with Google Maps. See if your new community has any online forums you can join where you can ask questions. The more you can learn in advance, the less overwhelmed you will likely feel when you arrive.

Step three

Step three establish a reasonable timeline. If you are a new hire, you have already been given a projected start date. Using that date as a target, chart your ideal timeline in reverse.

Step four

Step four hire a moving company. Many people depend on friends and family to help them move. When you are moving out of town, however, whether it be to a different state or across the country, that option is often off the table. Even if you are just moving across town, sometimes it is best to save your friends and family the truly heavy lifting. Professional movers take a load off your mind and are often much more affordable than you might think.

Additional items to consider:

How long will it take to house hunt and secure a place to live?

How long will it take to put your current house on the market?

How long will it take to pack?

How long will it take to make the actual move?

How long will it take to unpack and settle in?

In our experience, that last point is all too often overlooked. You do not want your first day at your new job to be on the heels of a mad scramble to unpack enough boxes to find the right outfit for your big day.

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