Packing your household is one of the most important components to a successful move and the amount of time it takes is often underestimated. With all the stress of moving, packing often gets pushed to the last minute. Let us help! Whether it’s a few items that need crating or an entire household, we offer expertise with packing the finest of goods and competitive pricing for materials.

If we are performing load only services without transportation, you’ll be required to sign our company labor only waiver prior to the start of Labor Only service. We require a minimum of a 2 mover’s onsite to perform hoisting services.

House Deal Movers offers additional packing and unpacking services to smooth your transition between your old and new place. Our experts know how to pack as quickly and carefully as possible. Let us take care of the longest part of moving and put your mind at ease. You can chose from full as well as partial packing leaving difficult items to our team.

Let our specialists pack up any of the following items for you:

  • Antiques
  • Electronics
  • Fine Art
  • Breakables
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Light fixtures
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • items

We understand your needs and will try to meet them to the best of our ability. Relax in your new home or office while we put everything where it should be. Our relocation specialist will help you come up with a plan for the placement of your items. This could include a detailed list of what goes where or a floor plan for where boxes should be stacked.

The Choice of Self Packing

Some clients decide to pack their belongings themselves and we more than encourage everyone to do what suits them best. We do, however, offer some suggestions when going through this process to help you with the transition:

Loose items: all loose items must be placed in boxes.

Heavy and Light Items: Heavy items, such as books, should be placed in small boxes. Light items, such as linens, may be placed in larger boxes.

Breakables (Dishes, etc.): Make sure to cushion the bottom of the box before placing any breakables inside. Wrap each item separately, using packing paper or newspaper, to make sure that one item does not touch the other. Bubble-wrap may be used for special pieces.

Side Tables and Small Cabinets: May remain full only if they are packed with light items, such as linens or clothing.

Desks, Large and Antique Cabinets: All drawers must be emptied.

File Cabinets: If there are no stairs in your move, all vertical file cabinets will be moved with their contents and do not need to be emptied. Lateral file cabinets, up to two drawers high, will be moved with contents. File cabinets with 3 drawers or more must be emptied. If your move involves stairs, only two-drawer vertical file cabinets may remain full.

Bookcases and Wall Units: All bookcases and wall units must be emptied. The movers will pack all loose shelves separately.

Computers and other electronics: Back up your computers. Unplug and mark the different wires to ensure easy reconnection. Carefully pack these with cushioning materialsin a heavy-duty box.

Artwork and Mirrors: Artwork, such as statues and small wall hangings, should be placed in boxes and noted as fragile. All medium and large hanging artwork should be packed in special picture boxes or crated.

Table Lamps: Separate shades, bulbs, and bases before packing. Note the box as fragile.

Label or mark each box with the proper room for easy placement at delivery.

Mark boxes containing fragile items in large easy-to-read letters, “FRAGILE.”






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