Pods and Storage

Pods and Storage Services

Most common storage option moving companies offer. Our 5′ x 7′ x 7′ containers can hold about 240 cubic feet of furnishings and can be easily moved once sealed. Our vaults are stored at our temperature controlled . This warehouse is not only clean, but is protected by alarm system and surveillance equipment.
Your items will be stored on our customized pallet racking at a rate of $75 per month per piece. Your items will be inventoried and remain padded while vaulted. Customer would have access to our facility during regular business hours.


For customers who only require short term storage needs we offer overnight storage on our moving trucks. This is a great option if your closing is delayed and you need to be out of your current home immediately. Instead of unloading the vehicle at an hourly rate and then reloading the items once you request delivery, the items are simply secured inside the truck and kept at our facility. For all SIT shipments the crew is on the clock for all driving to and from our warehouse. Our 24 hour rate for short term storage is $110 per day.




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